Three Plumbing Issues That Raise The Water Bill

Phoenix homeowners who are spending too much each month when they pay their water bill may need to make some changes in their plumbing system to save money. Leaky fixtures, corroded pipes and toilets that continually run are all frequent plumbing malfunctions that waste hundreds of gallons of water each month. In addition to wasting water, this also causes high water bills. Read the information below to learn about these common plumbing problems and how an experienced company, such as allegiance plumbing services, can help homeowners save water and money.

Toilets That Constantly Run

When a toilet continues to run after it’s been flushed, two gallons of water is being wasted every minute. This adds up to an exorbitant amount of water, especially if the toilet runs continuously all day. Some homeowners may be able to hear the water running after the toilet is done flushing. If it’s difficult to determine if the toilet is running, homeowners can perform a simple test using food coloring. After opening the lid on the tank, place a couple of drops of food coloring in the water that’s inside the toilet tank. After waiting a few hours, look inside the toilet bowl and if the food coloring is visible inside the bowl, then the toilet is still running. After making a quick call to a plumbing services phoenix area professional, homeowners can remedy this problem.


Water Leaking From Fixtures

Dripping faucets are not only annoying to hear in the middle of the night, but they’re also raising a homeowner’s water bill. There are several reasons why a faucet may drip and usually they’re simple and inexpensive repairs that many homeowners can do themselves. The washers, o-rings and seals that are on the inside of the faucet can wear out and this will cause water to drip from the fixture. Homeowners can take the fixture apart and replace the faulty component to prevent the faucet from dripping. People who don’t have the time to repair their faucet can easily contact a plumbing services phoenix area technician to perform the job.

Corrosion In Water Pipes

Homeowners who have hard water often have a huge amount of sediment building up inside their water pipes. These magnesium and calcium deposits will build up inside the water pipes and sometimes cause an obstruction. These deposits will also cause the pipes to corrode, which eventually results in damage to the pipes and ultimately, water leaks. To prevent hard water from damaging the pipes, homeowners can talk to a plumber who specializes in water softener installation. These systems decrease the amount of minerals in the water, which prevents water pipe damage from corrosion, and expensive water leaks.

Visit the Allegiance Water Services website for professional plumbing services in and around the Phoenix area. In addition to plumbing, this experienced company also provides high pressure misting systems and water treatments including water softeners, carbon filtration and reverse osmosis water purification.


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